Based on our experience of helping clients ensure the success of their ERP implementation programmes, we have developed a series of Briefing Notes which provide our Insights into approaches to deal with some of the key challenges faced in delivering a successful ERP implementation programme.


These Briefing Notes cover

Managing the Risk of ERP Programme Failure

This Briefing Note includes a number of examples of the business impact of failed IT projects, and provides a checklist of questions to use in conducting an initial assessment of the risk of failure and the corresponding likelihood of success of an ERP programme


Contracting for ERP Implementation Services

This Briefing Note sets out a number of recommended actions aimed at ensuring that client organisations put in place effective contracts for the provision of ERP Implementation Services. Following these recommendations should reduce the risk of agreeing a contract that becomes subject to change and results in incurring unnecessary additional costs


Optimising ERP Investment

Economic conditions are placing great pressure on organisations to make greater use of ERP systems to support increased competitiveness and reduced operating costs. This Briefing Note provides an 8-Step plan for getting “More For Less” from your organisation’s ERP investment


Controlling an ERP Implementation Project

This Briefing Note describes the Timeline Consulting SAP Project Control Framework which can be used as the basis for providing regular progress reports to senior management, conducting regular programme assurance reviews and for reviewing "problem" projects


Resourcing an ERP Implementation Project

In this Briefing Note, we review some of the key factors that influence the choice of resourcing approach, and provide a framework for making the important decision of which resourcing approach to adopt


Planning an SAP System Upgrade

Upgrading an existing SAP system to a more recent software release can provide significant benefits, but also involves additional cost and increases the risk of disrupting business operations during the upgrade. This Briefing Note describes an approach to implementing a number of different types of upgrade


Methodology for Cloud HR Solution Adoption

This Briefing Note identifies the key streams of work that should be undertaken in implementing a cloud-based HR solution, and highlights how to augment the implementation methodologies of key cloud-based HR solution providers including  SuccessFactors' BizXpert Implementation Methodology and Workday's Accelerated Deployment Method

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